This article has been written by Natasha for The Los Angeles Tribune

At 9 years old I stood in my fathers kitchen with a knife to my wrist, contemplating taking my own life. At 17 I swallowed a handful of sleeping pills. It was an attempt that landed me in the emergency room and then a mental institution. So I get it. I was there. It is something I dealt with on and off for years. And later, even when things looked ok, it lingered. Depression doesn’t always look like someone on the verge of taking their own life. Sometimes it appears as a tired and overwhelmed mom who cries herself to sleep every night. Other times it looks like a man who can’t express himself, has no outlet and drinks daily to numb the pain. Often it appears in the high functioning individual, who can’t seem to get out of the emotional rut they are in. As an adult it has crept up on me more times than I like to admit, despite my success. I am a successful business owner, wife, mother and best selling author- and still there are times it tries to take over. But over the years I figured out a system to keep it under control. Because you can’t drink it away, party it away, sleep it away or ignore it until it goes away. However there are some proactive steps you can take to drastically change your life. These tips are good anytime, but they just might be life saving when depression rears its ugly head. […]

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