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Coaching designed to help you unleash your potential, discover your brilliance, and courageously take your life, relationships, and career to the next level!

Having a coach, being in a program and enjoying a personalized plan just for you can rapidly move you into a life you know is there waiting for you, but you are just struggling to get there.

With the right tools and mindset, I learned anything is possible and it is my passion to share them with you.

My results-oriented coaching stems from both my education and my life experiences. I overcame feelings of being stuck and unfulfilled, chronic depression and the inability to find satisfaction in anything I did. I found the joy of living your purpose, discovering your passion and standing in your power.

Meet Your Coach: Natasha

As a 2x best selling author, owner of Shear Passion Salon and founder of Manifesting Miracles, Natasha has been a multi passionate entrepreneur her entire adult life.

Her degrees and certificates range from Sociology and Ayurveda to Reiki and Cosmetology. Her hairstyles have landed in Munaluchi Bridal- which is the largest bridal magazine for women of color. She has written articles for multiple publications such as the LA Tribune and Hudson Weekly. Her memoir won 3 awards in its first year of publication and she has spoken at conferences all over the world including the TEDx stage.

However, her deepest love has been uplifting and empowering others. This includes regularly providing free haircuts for the homeless, which led to her receiving a Certificate of Congressional Recognition. She is also a mentor for young women of color, running workshops designed to help them overcome the unique challenges they face in today’s society.

Whether through her salon, coaching or mentorship, she is committed to helping people actualize their purpose and step into the next version of themselves.

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