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“Natasha teaches you to be okay walking that narrow path that leads to our individual greatness.”

“I have been daring to dream for years, but lacked the structure, insight and foresight on how you execute. Working with Natasha, I am discovering the blocks that have prevented me from moving toward my dreams with intention and purpose.”
Nadia Clarke, Former Police Sergeant and member of the US Army

Your freedom will lead you to succeed at everything you do.

To overcome depression, homelessness and being in a very bad place with myself, I needed to learn how to free myself from all that was keeping me down. I learned to turn every challenge into an opportunity, to grow through what I go through, and to manifest what I want in my life. When you combine a powerful mindset with an impeccable work ethic and a refusal to give up, anything is possible.

This is the knowledge I share with you to fast track you to success.

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“She has an indomitable spirit that is unmatched.”

“Natasha has personally experienced devastating trauma but through her resilience and fortitude, she has not only grown from those moments but has developed a skill to train others to do the same. Natasha demonstrates what’s possible with faith, resilience and an unstoppable mindset.”
Noel Walton, Criminal Attorney

Overcoming | Natasha Ickes Saman | Published Author | Interviews

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“I loved Natasha’s book. The title aptly described her journey from pain to promise. This is a great read that will motivate you to continue whatever you’ve started despite the storms! Great job!!!”
Roxanne Jackson

There are the cards life deals you. Then there is what you do with them.

Having a coach, being in a program and enjoying a personalized plan just for you can rapidly move you into a life you know is there waiting for you, but you are just struggling to get there.

With the right tools and mindset, I learned anything is possible and it is my passion to share them with you.

My results-oriented coaching stems from both my education and my life experiences. I overcame feelings of being stuck and unfulfilled, chronic depression and the inability to find satisfaction in anything I did. I found the joy of living your purpose, discovering your passion and standing in your power.

This is what I share with you

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Haircuts With Heart | Working With The Homeless

Haircuts with Heart
Haircuts with Heart Working

“One haircut is sometimes all it takes to help a person rediscover dignity, their own beauty and take a first step towards a better future”

Help us help them
Natasha Ickes Saman

Natasha’s Story

I opened the Shear Passion hair salon at 26 with no loans or credit cards and was making 6 figures within the first 2 years. Purchased my 1st home at 30 and the 2nd by 32. Now I am a published author and helping others succeed in their lives by becoming what they were destined to be.
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Empowering Unstoppable Women

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