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The Art of Manifestation

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Meet Natasha

Natasha Ickes-Saman is a 2x best selling and award winning author, international motivational speaker and salon owner.

She has been featured on a TEDx stage as well as multiple publications from MunaLuchi Bridal to the LA Tribune and Hudson Weekly.

She was the 2019 recipient of a Certificate of Congressional Recognition. Natasha’s path took her from a troubled childhood, addiction and two attempts to take her own life to finding her strength, breaking through insurmountable obstacles, and becoming the person she always wanted to be – a successful salon owner, mother and loving wife.

Outside of the salon and coaching she regularly provides free haircuts in homeless shelters throughout the Bay Area. Her passion is to empower others and make the world a better place for everyone.

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The Book


A Journey From Pain to Peace, Purpose and Power

Overcoming is an inspiration to all women who struggle with depression, stagnation and unfulfillment to seek out the peace, power and joy in their own lives.

She was a little girl who loved ice skating, reading and music. Yet from a young age Natasha felt different. She struggled with depression, feelings of abandonment and low self esteem. At nine she stood with a knife pressed to her wrist, contemplating taking her own life. By 17 she was a pregnant high school dropout. The next several years were filled with drugs and homelessness on the violent streets of Oakland. She survived through God, her intuition and a profound desire to change. One day she discovered a secret that would change her life forever.

This poignant memoir follows Natasha’s journey from a depressed child, to a suicidal teen, to a successful business woman. It is a story of survival and beating the odds. It is how one woman overcame chronic depression, addiction and the battles of her own mind. It is a story of love and pain, tragedy and triumph, failures and wins. Overcoming is for anyone who never felt like enough. It is a powerful story for those ready to get out of their own way and create the life of their dreams

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At 9 years old I stood in my fathers kitchen with a knife to my wrist, contemplating taking my own life. At 17 I swallowed a handful of sleeping pills.

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